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Henry FrancisSeller

We are looking to sell PPI desktop bundle traffic through our website. This is an exclusive install where we take only your file, convert it to a zip file format and share it on our website. Price is $0.25 per WW install. Do NOT add me if this price is too high for you.

⚈ Only Direct advertisers will be considered
⚈ Need clean and good advertisers
⚈ We can start with smaller deposits - Prepayment Compulsory.

Please reach out via Skype - azedfrancis

Henry FrancisBuyer

We're looking to buy all Nigerian Mobile App (Android & iOS) Traffic using our SDK at very good CPC rates, unlimited budgets. If this is relevant to you, kindly reach out. is the biggest private programmatic Media Platform for the Sub-Sahara African Market. We buy on behalf of the biggest Advertisers and have really good budgets and can offer good rates and max fill.

Our preferred Ad format is Location based Push Notification, using our SDK. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or want to run a test.


Henry FrancisSeller

We have a few open spaces for Windows Bundle installs campaigns. We already drive an average of 1600 installs per day. Not a lot but decent quality.

We would need prepayments or daily payments after we vet your credit history/references.

We prefer public IPlogger reporting links for stats.

Let me know if this is something you need now. You can also add me on Skype if you have any questions: azedfrancis.


Henry FrancisBuyer

Hi everyone,

My company buys media on behalf of the major FMCG companies playing in the African Space. We're looking to buy large mobile Traffic on a continuous basis through our SDK. Big budgets, extensive fill rates, and compatible with your existing monetization options.

If you have an App with lots of Nigerian (or African) users, and have been wondering how to get it the best revenue in the market, Let's talk NOW!

Henry FrancisBuyer

We have a high converting Smart Link (We're seeing eCPM rate of over $40 sometimes) and are looking to scale.

If you have quality traffic and are willing to work with us, get in touch asap. We'll give you the following:

1.The geo, device, OS, and carrier targeting combinations that's bringing the high conversions for us.
2. Daily Payments. (Minimum of 1000EUR)
3. Dedicated AM to help get you up to speed.

You can message me here of Add me on Skype: "azedfrancis" Ensure to mention "Smartlinks" When you contact me on Skype.


PS: All Geos are welcome. In fact, US is not our highest converting geo. So feel free to contact me for more Info and to get started.

Henry FrancisSeller

I'm looking for Call Centers, Advertisers and Lead Buyers who need leads for varying niches.

If you have a Call Center for your business and you want calls from targeted leads to your call center for your call center agents to close, this is for you.

If you want to buy Leads via API, this is for you.

If you just want hot leads your call center agents can call and who have given consent to be called, this is for you.

And if you're a network with Budget from an Advertiser looking for the above, get in touch ASAP.
Skype: "azedfrancis"

Henry FrancisSeller

I have Mobile traffic and we specialize in keyword ranking. We get you ranked for keywords of your choice within the countries of your choice, all within an agreed timeline.

We only take payment if we hit our mutually pre-agreed performance metrics - so we guarantee you get ranked for the keywords you specify or we don't get paid.

We're presently taking on new clients, so if you need this service, this is your time. Send me a request on Skype: "azedfrancis" and we'll take it up from there.

Henry FrancisBuyer

I'm looking for soft Incent traffic on both mobile and web for our new GetItFree© Platform. We accept traffic from content locks, offerwalls, free airtime mobile apps and most sources.

Geo - Tier1
We also buy WW on a separate Payment arrangement.

Kindly reach out via DM or skype - "azedfrancis" for further discussions/clarifications.


Henry FrancisBuyer

This is an Exclusive App from a funded company with huge budgets.

We need people to try their product for free. Just like Hotspot shield OR express VPN, but better, this app guarantees online privacy & enables people to view any website and watch any video online.

We can pay NET1, or even the same day, for volume providers. We require volume. A lot of volume. At least 10k installs per day. But whatever volume you can do, please reach out on Skype so we can discuss terms.

Payout is direct from us so whatever we offer is the best you can get. Even better than what's on the website.

Skype - azedfrancis.

PS; The earlier you reach out, the easier we can allocate budgets to you. So please have a rough draft of your daily install capacity when you reach out.