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Afilio Ads
Lucas MontichelBuyer

Hi, everyone! Afilio (www.afil.io) is looking for Latin American traffic!
We have great campaigns for Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia!
Please, let me know what you need to start our partnership!
My e-mail is lucas.montichel@afil.io and my Skype is lucasmontichel.
Thank you very much!

Lucas MontichelBuyer

Afilio is looking for quality traffic sources to run Brazilian and Latin American campaigns to Mexico, Argentina and Chile. Also United States.
We have CPSale and CPLead campaigns paying a very good commission. Contact me if you're interested. My Skype contact is lucasmontichel. Cheers!

Lucas MontichelBuyer

Hey everyone! We're from Afilio, the biggest affiliate network in Brazil today!
We are looking for traffic to our campaigns, offering the best conditions, payouts and offers to our partners!
Today we work with more than 130 campaigns to Brazil and Latin American countries, paying on CPA and CPL basis!
Please let me know if you have interest on running some of these offers with us!

E-mail - lucas.montichel@afil.io
Skype - lucasmontichel

Many thanks and let's make some business!