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ReklamStore Ads
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📌 Reach premium traffic in 200+ countries
📌 Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app
📌 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.
📌 Integrated 140+ SSPs & traffic sources
📌 Advanced targeting options: Geo, device, SSP, browser, operating system, carrier, white-listing and black-listing.

♦ Keep in touch with me: jane@reklamstore.com
♦ Or simply try our platform: http://bit.ly/2Dgz1tn


🌟 ReklamStore DSP is a campaign management product that provides advertisers to buy ad placements online in real time!

🌟 You can buy premium traffic, generate quality leads and boost your sales with our advanced targeting options!

🌟 Our global demand-side platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising tool which advertisers can create, manage and monitor their display, affiliate, video or mobile ad campaigns include various pricing models.

🌟 ReklamStore DSP is suitable for white label edition.

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🌟 RUN YOUR ADS, PAY WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY 🌟 Easy to use advertising platform
🌟 Boost your digital advertising ROI
🌟 Extreme traffic targeting
🌟 It's All In Real-Time

♦ Keep in touch with us: kemal@reklamstore.com
♦ Or simply try our platform: http://bit.ly/2Eycwj6
ReklamStore DSP is a programmatic advertising platform that you can target your customers all over the web with numerous advanced targeting options.

You can run your ads on the self-serve demand-side platform, use domain list templates and pay with credit card, PayPal or major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash.

📣 Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app
📣 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.
📣 Integrated 110+ SSPs & traffic sources

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Please add me on Skype to exchange our feeds.

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I am looking for desktop traffic on CPM basis.


Please reach me via Skype (talha-rs) or e-mail (talha@reklamstore.com)

Send me your site list and enjoy with very very high CPM rates.

Wish Luck!

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I need to buy RON WW traffic and US traffic seperately. Please add me on Skype or send me a mail. Skype id: talha-rs / E-mail address: talha@reklamstore.com

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Looking for publishers whose traffic are mostly from En-speaking geos, MENA, Western Europe and Turkey.

Skype id: talha-rs

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Hi there,

I would love to discuss how we can co-operate on the video-side together.

I am media buyer and want to discuss the options to buy your inventory with you.

Please add me on Skype. My id: talha-rs