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ADAttract Ads
Paril GabaniBuyer

Hello Guys
I am affiliate manager at ADAttract and we have WW CPI offers
feel free to ping me if you have CPI traffic for our offers
Skype: live:paril.adattract
mail: paril@adattract.com

Bhavin ShahSeller

Looking for the best quality CPI traffic
We work on all verticals except Adult, Binary and Forex
We work on WW Geo's

Ritik DhakedBuyer

We are looking for publishers with high quality traffic for Forex, Insurance, Finance, Surveys, Gambling, Education, Sweepstakes etc.
We offer some of the best converting campaigns.
*No prepayment.
Ping me on Skype: ritik.adattract
Email: ritik@adattract.com

Ritik DhakedBuyer

Greetings from ADAttract !
Great opportunity to monetize your traffic with our top converting CPL campaigns.
Ping me on following contact details:
Skype: ritik.adattract
Email: ritik@adattract.com

Paril GabaniSeller

Hello Folks,

ADAttract is looking for new Publishers/Networks.
We have been looking for new traffic partners for our app install campaigns which can initiate a great revenue streams.
We work on CPI model and have WW CPI offers for JP, KR, US, UK and many more.

Feel free to ping me on skype(live:paril.adattract) or can drop a mail on paril@adattract.com.

Paril GabaniBuyer

Hello Guys

I am looking for CPI traffic for our exclusive offers.
our strongest geos are KR US JP IN and many more.
If you have CPI traffic please contact me at
skype live:paril.adattract
email paril@adattract.com

Aayush DalalBuyer


We are a CPA Affiliate Network that provides performance based online marketing for advertisers and publishers. Our team consists of several years of online marketing experience working with Advertisers, Publishers, and other affiliate networks. We host a wide range of campaigns across industry verticals on CPI and CPL models.

Our verticals are Mobile, Gaming, Dating, Utility, E-commerce, Shopping, Entertainment, Travel & Casino.

We would be glad if you join our ADAttract network. If this is something you could potentially help us with then I would like to discuss our possible partnership.

For more details, you can visit our website: www.adattract.com.

Aayush Dalal
Affiliate Manager, ADAttract
E-mail: aayush.adattract@gmail.com
Skype : aayush.adattract

Siddika BootwalaBuyer


Anyone have traffic for this campaigns

Shopeefy - CPR [Incent] [Android] [IN]



Direct offer
Open Budget

Devangi DodiyaBuyer

Hello There,
We are looking to buy traffic for our CPL campaigns.
To discuss this further, Kindly reach me on mail at devangi@adattract.com or Skype: devangi.adattract or leave a comment below!

Look forward to hear from you guys!

Kind Regards,

Paril GabaniBuyer

Hello Guys
I am affiliate manager at ADAttract
I am looking for WW CPI (cost per install) traffic.
If you guys have CPI traffic feel free to ping me at
skype: live:paril.adattract
email: paril.adattract@gmail.com

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Brijesh SoniBuyer


We have direct campaigns for CPI/CPR, if you have quality In-app and mobile web traffic kindly connect me on Skype bs-adattract or you can email me brijesh@adattract.com


We are looking for quality traffic for CPI Offers.
And we are working on WW geos.
Gaming, Travel, Entertainment,
Casino, Education, Health
We have many direct offers also like Huge Casino, Cradle of Empires etc.

Paril GabaniBuyer

Hello guys
We have WW campaigns for Dating, E-commerce, Gaming etc.
I am looking for CPI traffic for our top converting offers.
feel free to add me on Skype (live:paril.adattrat)

Deepika GabaniBuyer

ADAttract host a wide range of campaigns across industry verticals on CPA, CPI and CPL ad models. As of now we have active clients.
So i can give our best exclusive Direct offers like Huuuge Casino, Cradle of Empires etc, And working on global offers, if you can give promote with your quality sources ?

We are an Ad network named ADAtract based in Hong Kong, US and India, tied-up with all major Advertisers and Ad agencies, also providing affiliate marketing as a service.

In order to provide transparent & real-time reporting for publishers, we use ‘Hasoffer’, which is an internationally awarded affiliate tracking system. Additionally, our operations time provide day to day GA report with you to help you optimize your campaigns and targeting.

If this is something you could potentially help us with, then I would like to discuss our possible partnership.

Hope we can make some cooperation in the coming days.

Paril GabaniBuyer

Hello guys,
I am looking for CPI traffic for our exclusive campaigns.
feel free to ping me at
gmail: paril@adattract.com
Skype: live:paril.adattract

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hello Partner we Are looking For Affiliates who can provide us Sweepstakes Traffic For PIN Submit We have Rocking Payout For Greece

Contact me Via Skype: siddika.adattract or Drop me a massage

Roshan SwainBuyer

we are looking for good quality traffic , we have direct offers and world wide offers .
it is a good opportunity to make a success and profitable business.

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

We have Direct CPR Campaign for India need 3000 installs per day if you can ping me on Skype : siddika.adattract





Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hi all i am in need of Quality traffic for our CPI campaigns pleas ping me on Skype if you have traffic

Skype: siddika.adattract
Email: siddika@adattract.com

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

My name is Siddika and I am working in ADAttract as an Affiliate manager. ADAttract is a mobile traffic trading platform and we have lots of HQ CPI campaigns all over the world. As our business is expanding, we are looking for new affiliates to cooperate and looking for HQ mobile traffic on CPI basis. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to ping me on Skype or send me a email. I will be happy to hear some details about your company in order of seeing if we can both initiate a new partnership between of our companies. Waiting for your reply.

Email: siddika@adattract.com

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hello all ADAttract is searching for Quality publisher who can promote our HQ CPI campaigns in a right manner we have Utility campaigns based on CPI models and if you have Quality traffic for them we can make good money
Kindly contact me

Email: siddika@adattract.com

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hello ADAttract is looking for Quality Traffic for our World Wide CPI Campaigns with Great Payouts. No CPC CPM CPL

We work away at NET30 Payment terms

in the event that somebody intrigued to work with us supplications get in touch with me ASAP

Siddika BootwalaBuyer


Adattract is looking for Publisher networks or direct who can provide us traffic for Europe countries if you have kindly connect me on Skype: siddika.adattract

Farazdaq BootwalaBuyer

Hello All

My self Farazdaq, i am an affiliate manager from ADAttract, our company is a performance based affiliate network, It is based in Hong Kong and we are working from India , As we guys are working at CPI models, currently we are looking for good Quality traffic ,we are working with direct advertise and networks, we have WW Geo's offers with great payout ,we have Incent and Non Incent offers for android and IOS , we are working on NET30 payment method,
we have several features such as
* Real time tracking
*Advance reporting
*Fraud detection etc.
We have Several exclusive offers
There are Specified account manager for each Different affiliate we do our work with dedication
Currently we have 300+ mobile offers and web offers with high payout ,and across 25+ verticals Our company's website is www.adattract.com

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hi all i am in search of quality traffic for WW CPI campaigns we work on NET30 Payment terms pleas add me on Skype: siddika.adattract

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Hi All Tire1 publisher need for our CPI campaigns contact me ASAP

We work on NET30 Payment terms

Farazdaq BootwalaBuyer

We are an affiliate marketing company and we have WW CPI campaigns with good Payout and high converting HQ campaigns

We have 300+ active campaigns and converting too with good Payouts $5 to $1

We have fraud detection tool, Real Time Report on which we work on daily basis

Contact me on Skype or Mail for more information

Skype :- farazdaq.adattract

E-Mail :- farazdaq@adattract.com

Siddika BootwalaBuyer

Publisher needed for our CPI campaigns With GEO targeting TW, HK, MO We have best PO converting campaigns for you.

we work on NET30 Payment terms

Kindly contact me ASAP
S: siddika.adattract
E: siddika@adattract