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MCA Russell Johns Ads
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I have a list of monthly GUARANTEED impressions for digital banners on the ADA home page. http://www.ada.org/en/
Please message/comment me for available impressions and which month you're most interested in.
Low $ CPM's from $10 USD

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Healthy Living is a monthly magazine focusing on a healthy and beautiful body. Scientist and doctors, A-list celebrities and their personal coaches, beauty experts and chefs guide, educate and entertain the curious mind of a modern educated reader on the luxury of healthy living.

Healthy Living magazine is famous for its stunning conceptual art, which explodes the boring granola-vegetable prejudice of healthy and empowers a new standard of life-intelligent, sophisticated, fashionable Healthy. HL’s awarded artists turn a profound scientific content into easy to grasp visuals, capable of carrying attention throughout the magazine and leaving a reader wanting more.