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Thierry DuboisBuyer

Hey Guys,

I am looking for direct publishers (owner of the traffic, no-intermediary) who are interested to sell their traffic on CPM basis for Tiers 1 and Tiers 2 Geos.

We guaranteed the CPM Floor that you set up.

We are looking only for mainstream mobile Supply and Demand (No Dating - No Gambling - No Adult etc...)

- We are monetizing mobile traffic on CPM Floor. We have a large scope of integration: Sdk, Jstags, s2s-API, oRTB.
- We are paying at net45. (do not accept pre-payment)
- We used 3 external tools for fraud.

Thierry DuboisBuyer

I am looking for Mobile Web Traffic and In-App Inventories. Only Display and Brand Safety Traffic. All Geos (not only US) | Connection: oRTB-S2s-Jstags-SDK

Please add me on skype: thierry_tappx
or email me:

Have a good one!