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Bianca VeenstraBuyer

mobile subscription, VAS, IVR, mobile content, smart links! Hit me up if you've got pop/push/social traffic!

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

You’re missing out on:

In-house SWEEPS in +50 countries
In-house Mobile Content offers in +10 countries
Top geos: SA, IQ, ID, NG, MM, LK, PK
Worldwide smart links!

Get in contact with me directly trough email/skype:

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

These are nothing like you've seen before!!
Send me a message on Skype for all the juicy details: live:.cid.680a652d5e1988b8

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

Send me a DM and get started in less than 3 minutes!

We've got worldwide coverage, weekly payment terms and every flow you can think of!

* No prepayment

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

Looking for PIN offers? Can't find them anywhere? That is because they're all at Traffic Company!

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

Got nowhere to go with your remnant traffic? Send it to our smart-links💡Weekly payments possible!

Don't know what remnant traffic is? Find all below:

Campaign reaches cap
Campaign reaches budget
Campaign has a time targeting
Mismatch targeting (geo, carrier, device, os, connectiontype, etc)
Uncargeable users
Back traffic

Bianca VeenstraBuyer

Looking for the most exclusive? In-house IVR offers, direct mobile content offers and weekly payments are here! Send me a DM and make some 💰💰!