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DCypher Media Ads
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Hey Guys,

We here @ DCypher Media (www.dcyphermedia.com), are dedicated in providing you with the best service & will deliver you:
- 1000+ Direct CPI/CPA campaigns (payouts up to $6.00 CPI);
- Smart / Rotator links (mainstream, dating, adult) for all your traffic;
- API (automatically fetch our campaigns)
- Custom SDK (for your in-app traffic)
- Flexible payment terms (from NET30 to Weekly)
- Payments through Wire/Paypal/Payoneer and others...

Looking forward in seeing your application (https://publisher.dcyphermedia.com) or hit me up on Skype (andi_sava) for more details.

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DCypher Media (www.dcyphermedia.com) is here to help you monetise any type of CPI traffic. Our campaigns are either direct or from the first hand and cover most geo's for incent & non-incent traffic.

Are you interested to work with a dedicated team of account managers, have access to our API, use our SDK and find out more about our flexible payment terms?

Then contact one of our affiliate managers and get started TODAY:
Cristina: cristina.firtade1
Bogdan: live:d329a85cc1b1b437

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Looking to buy targeted mobile pops?

Then you came to the right address! We're selling WW targeted mobile pop traffic on CPM/CPC basis. You can target anything you want (GEO-Device-OS-Connection-Carrier-Browser-Time). Skype me for more details (andi_sava)

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DCypher Media is a Dutch based young, dynamic and fast growing digital advertising and performance marketing agency that specializes in connecting audiences around the world, by delivering them the most inspiring products and services via banner, rich media, native, full screen and video mobile advertisements.

Advertisers can effortlessly setup and optimize campaigns, analyze and manage their ROI, select advanced traffic targeting settings, and have a 24-7 dedicated account manager assigned to them.

We have in many verticals like gaming, gambling, travel, lifestyle, utilities, adult etc.
For your information, our campaigns are either direct or from the first hand and in that way we assure a good user experience by not having too many link redirects.

Tell us how can we help you to help us? http://publisher.dcyphermedia.com
Skype: live:7338cbfcec15dae0
[DCypher Media | Andrei Olteanu | Affiliate Manager]
Email: andrei.olteanu@dcyphermedia.com

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DCypher Media B.V. is looking for your direct CPI campaigns:
• Android / iOS
• Incent / Non Incent
• Tier 1 + South East Asia
• NET-15 Payment Terms Only (required)
• Soft KPI’s Only (for optimisation purposes, not payment related) (required)

What we can deliver:
• Depending on the campaign and geo up to 10.000 installs / day
• Verified quality traffic (every click/install is analysed by our anti-fraud partner Forensiq)
• Link Scanner (our publishers care about user experience, reason why we don’t want more then two link redirects to the app store)

If you’re interested and can deliver ALL OF THE ABOVE, please contact me on Skype (rubenkuijs) or per Email (ruben.kuijs@dcyphermedia.com)

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Do you have remnant traffic, and don't know how to monetise it well?

Why don't you try the SMARTLINKS from DCypher Media. One link to monetise your and increase your eCPM considerably!

We do the targeting, optimisation and reselling from our side, all you have to do is sit back and watch the money come in!

For more details, please add me on Skype (andi_sava) or sign up here: www.publisher.dcyphermedia.com (for almost instant access).

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Time to monetise your traffic like never before!

@DCypher Media (www.dcyphermedia.com) we have all the solutions under one umbrella and can offer our publishers:
• Direct CPA/CPL/CPI campaigns (1000+)
• API Integration (automatically fetch all our campaigns)
• Smart / Ad Rotator links (mainstream + adult) that accepts all kind of traffic (active in 180+ countries) and rotates offers in order achieve the best eCPM on your traffic
• Flexible payment terms (varying from NET30 to Weekly)

Ping me for more details (andi_sava)!

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We are looking for CPI Traffic (Android/iOS) for our Direct CPI Campaigns (Incent/Non-Incent) with high payouts in Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries.

For more information please add me on skype: cristina.firtade1 or send me an email: cristina.firtade@dcyphermedia.com

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QA Android $0.70 CPI Campaigns, Android, Mainstream, Incent

AE Android $0.70 CPI Campaigns, Android, Mainstream, Incent

HK Android & iOS $0.50 CPI Campaigns, Android & iOS, Mainstream, Incent

SG iOS $0.50 CPI Campaigns, iOS, Mainstream, Incent

ALL iOS $0.40 CPI Campaigns, iOS, Mainstream, Incent

US iOS $0.40 CPI Campaigns, iOS, Mainstream, Incent

ID, VN ALL $0.35 CPI Campaigns, Android, iOS, Mainstream

DE iOS $0.30 CPI Campaigns, iOS, Mainstream, Incent

UK ALL $0.25 CPI Campaigns, Android, Mainstream, Incent



CPI Campaigns, Android, Incent

AU Android $0.20 CPI Campaigns, Android, Mainstream, Incent

MX iOS $0.20 CPI Campaigns, iOS, Mainstream, Incent

$1.70 CPI Campaigns, Android, Mainstream