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VIP Response Ads
Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hi Y'all,
We're looking for networks and publishers with traffic for great offers.
CC Submit

Various GEO's.

We don't work with prepay, but that shouldn't be a problem when your traffic is good!

Please contact me on skype to discuss the possibilities:

Talk to you soon!

Nick VipResponseSeller

USA mail looking for big caps, CPL
Products must have suppression list weekly updated, templates/sender/subject/unsubscribe link + unsubscribe address

Ideal campaigns:
- work at home
- holiday / travel
- home improvement
- solar
- real estate
- investments
Anything fresh, new looking for straight up quality leads

Serious inquiries only please, let's not waste each other's time


Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hey! We currently have lots of cc submits on CPA, and CPL base. Lots of different geos and good payouts.

Hit me up if you're interested:


**WE DON'T DO PREPAYS. Please don't waste your time if prepay is mandatory for you.**

Mikki LoumanBuyer

Hi there,
We're looking for publishers and networks to promote exclusive offers.

CC Submit


Iphone, Iphone X, HBO, Spotify, CK underwear, Cinema, Furniture

If you're interested, please add me on skype so we can discuss the possibilities.


Nick VipResponseSeller

We email our databases, your html/sender/subject on CPL basis
Buy the time this lead hits your callcenter it's as hot as it can get...

Serious inquiries only, looking for long term setups, need to be able to take large volumes over time

Skype: nick.nutra

Nick S.Buyer

Looking for new publishers/traffic for our exclusive affiliate network!

Bases: CPA/CPL/CPC/CPM (Email)
Best GEOs: UK, AU, US, Europe & Nordics

No self-serve platforms!

Let me know, thanks!

Skype: Nick.vipresponse

Mikki LoumanBuyer

We have great CPA nutra offers at the moment for US & CA.
Limited CAP available so be sure to reserve yours!


Mikki LoumanBuyer

Currently we have some great crypto offers, for the Nordics & FR, DE, UK & IT. High payouts.

Hit me up if you have traffic!

Talk to you soon.


*We don't work with prepays.

Nick VipResponseSeller

Red hot leads, looking for long term partners
Email, subject, sender, html up to you
- Looking for serious partners, that can take long term volume

Skype: nick.nutra

Nick VipResponseSeller

Are you setup with your callcenter, mail system but missing a daily influx of hot leads?

We can provide you with the following:
- daily volume of hot leads
- exclusive funnels to your needs
- exclusive html templates to your needs
- sender/subject to your needs
- traffic sources to your needs

I am looking for long term deals, after a solid a test run you will want to close a big, long term deal with us

Looking to do quick and to the point calls to discuss opportunities.

Don't waste my time with free trials, I wont waste yours.

Skype: nick.nutra

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Nick VipResponseSeller

Skype: nick.nutra
Let's call and see what we can do for each other

Gijs LiekensSeller

HUUUUUUUGE Volumes SMS data for sale in UK and AU.

11.8 MLN UK

Ping me for more info: gijs.vipresponse

Nick VipResponseSeller

10+ years experience in the nutra traffic business.

Clean traffic available for the right advertisers

Looking for long term partners, I wont bother you with survey traffic, its a waste of mids/time and money, let's jump on a call? allow me to explain what the difference in traffic and service is.

Skype: nick.nutra

Gijs LiekensSeller

We have tons of quality email traffic available on CPL (or CPC). Quick payment terms required. GEOS: UK, AU, CA, GCC, NO, SE, DK, FI, NL, BE, FR, DE & IT!!

Especially FR & Nordics are very promising with high conversion rate to depositor!

Reach out by Skype: gijs.vipresponse

Nick VipResponseBuyer

Looking for adult traffic for exclusive DOI Campaign

Solid payouts / Terms let's chat

Skype: nick.nutra

Nick VipResponseSeller

Looking for Crypto operators that can take qualified leads direct, no brokers in between.

If you operate callcenter only we'll build the pages for you if the deal is right, references in place

Email, database, sms, native you name it you can get it as many as you like

Serious inquiries only please

Skype: nick.nutra

Mindy LowBuyer

Hi guys,

I'm looking for RU traffic for forex/binary offers.
ping me on skype - live:mindy.vipresponse
thx ;)

Nick VipResponseSeller

I won't waste your time, Exclusive CPL for the right traffic, unlimited budget
Please don't waste mine with asking for prepays, these offers will blow your mind

Gijs LiekensBuyer

EU / AU / CA / US email bases wanted for CPM shoots. Ping me for more info: gijs.vipresponse

Nick VipResponseSeller

Databases available for the right buyer, serious buyers only, stats can be shown, looking for additional partners

skype: nick.nutra

Nick VipResponseSeller

Mail leads for the right offer available, lots of them!

Nick VipResponseSeller

Volume gamblers on cpl base available for the right offer/payout

Gijs LiekensBuyer

Looking for email traffic/publishers on CPM base!
Big budget available in NL, FR, IT, US, UK, CA, AU & Nordics!

Vertical: E-commerce

Publishers that run performance based campaigns as well have priority.
Please email:


Nick VipResponseSeller

tier-1, email traffic, proper volume pm plz

Nick VipResponseSeller

Hey Everyone,

Looking for high caps CPL Crypto offers
Inhouse mail traffic, big volumes
Let's talk

Nick VipResponseSeller

Volume available for the right offer

Nick VipResponseBuyer
Nick VipResponseBuyer

Bitcoin, Crypto offer cpc, hmu

Nick VipResponseBuyer

Looking for additional traffic sources, high payouts, owned skin,diet products

Jenny AlblasBuyer


We are looking for lists/data for Arabic speakers!

Please contact me on skype: jenny.vipresponse