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VIP Response Ads
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for traffics for our mobile offers with high pay out.
Ping me on Skype : mindy.vipresponse
Thank you.


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Hi all,

I'm looking for good quality traffic for Malaysia's mobile subscription traffic on CPA basis for our network.

If you're interested to make some money, connect with me via Skype : mindy.vipresponse

Thank you!

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Hi guys,

I have various APK DDL offers for the stated geos.
If you have traffic there, pls ping me on Skype at mindy.vipresponse
Thank you.

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Our company is looking for new worldwide databases with email addresses or mobile phone numbers that can be used for email marketing or bulk-SMS. If you have anything that might suit us well, feel free to contact me! We work on Rev/Share and has the best partners to monetise your data and make a lot of money!

Skype: jenny.vipresponse

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Hi guys,

I have a movie streaming offer that requires your high quality traffics.

Here are some info :
Payout : € 18.27 (CPA)
Payout action : Valid CC submit
Allowed traffic : E-Mail, Display, Social, Mobile, Content, Search, Push, In-app traffic, SMS, Android, iOS, Adult, Pop, Desktop
GEO locked : No
Incentive : None

Please take note that Incentive & cashback traffic is not allowed!

If you are keen, ping me on Skype : mindy.vipresponse

Speak soon!

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Hey guys,

Do you have high quality traffics and would like to monetize it,? You are in the right place.
Sign up here ( and start earning !!
To know more about our direct campaigns, contact me via Skype at mindy.vipresponse
Hear from you soon!


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Great new databases in NL specifically targeted on Adult (and Casino) campaigns. If you got the campaigns, i deliver the traffic! ping me on david.vipresponse

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for direct publishers with MY mobile traffic. Contact me via Skype : mindy.vipresponse

Offer name : MY Whatsapp All Phones ENG
Carrier: Digi & Umobile
Connection: All (3G and WIFI)
Type: Non-Incentive
Daily Cap: Unlimited
Adult Traffic Allowed: Not allowed
Conversion Flow: MO
Restriction: no content locking, Self-made Prelanders, Jump Pages and Banners must get approval from advertiser, affiliate/publisher that using misleading Prelander, Jump pages and banners or without approval from advertiser will not getting paid.

Register here :

Thank you.

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Guys don't miss out on our exclusive offers! we have tons of pin submit options that are generating crazy amounts of cashflow! looking for traffic!! $$

msg me via skype: vg.vipresponse

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Hit me up on Skype for more info: marileen.vipresponse

PS I also have global offers.

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a email database for New Jersey (USA) managing on revshare base. Somebody who can help me?

Please let me know by email:
or skype: maxime.vipresponse.

Thanks already!

Thumb e37de42af39e0083Seller

Do you have insurance and/or finance campaigns? Contact me and let´s make some money on our HQ Databases in NL & BENL!

S: david.vipresponse

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We're looking for DOI telephone numbers in Germany.

Please contact me on skype and lets talk some business!!

Skype: jenny.vipresponse

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Looking for new databases for List Management department!

At the moment we have 4 offices; Utrecht, Barcelona, Toronto & Kuala Lumpur. Our own mailing team is located in Barcelona.

We have more than 900 million worldwide leads available (cleaned) so we can work both ways!
We work on Rev share base. Please contact me for more information!

Skype: maxime.vipresponse

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We are looking for new databases! We have our own listmanagment.
Also we have our own mailingteam located in Barcelona!
We have lots of clean databases for all Geo's so we can help you with this too!
We work on Rev share base. Please contact me for more information!

Skype: jenny.vipresponse

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We are looking for lists/data for Arabic speakers!

Please contact me on skype: jenny.vipresponse

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Good converting exclusive offer. Ping me on Skype when you have NO/SE traffic (or other geo's).


Traffic: Display, Social, Mobile, Content, Search, Push, In-app traffic, SMS, Android, Adult, Pop, Desktop

Thumb cecc675fae8a7bdeBuyer

All offers are direct and of course we also have exclusive ones.

Verticals: coupons, sweeps

I'm looking for Affiliates with the following traffic:

Mobile Display

Target: Hit $/€1000 in the first week

Sign up over here: and ping me on Skype to get started: marileen.vipresponse


Let's built a strong business relationship today!

sign up now! ;-)

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Hi guys, I'm looking for IE email or FB traffic. We've got good converting Mobile Content offers (pin submit) that are hungry for more.

Besides IE we have direct/exclusive offers in UK, AU, Europe, Asia. Looking forward hearing from you!


S: marileen.vipresponse