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VIP Response Ads
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We have great CPA nutra offers at the moment,
Ping me if you have traffic for that and we can discuss a collab!

Skype: mikki@vipresponse.nl

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Hi Y'all,
We're looking for networks and publishers with traffic for great offers.
CC Submit

Various GEO's.

We don't work with prepay, but that shouldn't be a problem when your traffic is good!

Please contact me on skype to discuss the possibilities: mikki@vipresponse.nl

Talk to you soon!

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EU / AU / CA / US email bases wanted for CPM shoots. Ping me for more info: gijs.vipresponse

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Hi there,
We're looking for publishers and networks to promote exclusive offers.

CC Submit


Iphone, Iphone X, HBO, Spotify, CK underwear, Cinema, Furniture

If you're interested, please add me on skype so we can discuss the possibilities.


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Databases available for the right buyer, serious buyers only, stats can be shown, looking for additional partners

skype: nick.nutra

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Looking for new publishers/traffic for our exclusive affiliate network!

Bases: CPA/CPL/CPC/CPM (Email)
Best GEOs: UK, AU, US, Europe & Nordics

No self-serve platforms!

Let me know, thanks!

Skype: Nick.vipresponse
Email: Nick@vipresponse.nl

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Mail leads for the right offer available, lots of them!

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Volume gamblers on cpl base available for the right offer/payout

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Looking for email traffic/publishers on CPM base!
Big budget available in NL, FR, IT, US, UK, CA, AU & Nordics!

Vertical: E-commerce

Publishers that run performance based campaigns as well have priority.
Please email: gijs@vipresponse.nl


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tier-1, email traffic, proper volume pm plz

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Hey Everyone,

Looking for high caps CPL Crypto offers
Inhouse mail traffic, big volumes
Let's talk

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Volume available for the right offer

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Thumb b4db8f1303931785Buyer

Bitcoin, Crypto offer cpc, hmu

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Looking for additional traffic sources, high payouts, owned skin,diet products

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We are looking for lists/data for Arabic speakers!

Please contact me on skype: jenny.vipresponse
Email: jenny@vipresponse.nl

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Please get in touch, prime leads - revshare with the right operators

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Skype: nick.nutra

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Looking for serious partners in these verticals
Buy the data flat out or deposit+revshare
Serious companies only please, data is gold

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Please email me: Nick@vipresponse.nl

Countries: UK, AU & Europe

- Good Quality
- Good Volume
- Companies from UK, AU or Europe
- No pre-payments

Only email will be answered!
Pre payments requests or companies outside UK, AU or Europe will not be answered!

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Ideally pinsubmits, cc submits
Lots of SMS traffic available

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Big CAP available, CA iphone offer exclusive
HMU it's hoooooot

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Looking for good quality casino publishers/affiliates! Lot of exclusive casino offers worldwide but specially looking for AU/DE/NL/SE & UK at the moment.

On CPA/CPL Base! Email, display and social traffic needed, no pre payments!

Email me: Nick@vipresponse.nl

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Let me blow your mind with these CPA trial offers, cc submit meets sweep, USA + CA
IphoneX, Iphone7, Galaxy8, Netflix, Spotify
Networks welcome but ideally publishers direct

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Hey Guys,

We have some serious databases and looking for serious partners to make money with.

Send me a pm, lets chat and work something out thats mutually beneficial

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We own them, we have the goods

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WW databases, quality, volume, full details
Looking for serious flat fee buyers and/or with downpayments + revshare deals

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I'm looking for traffic for our in-house CC submit offers in CA on CPA:

Hit me up if you can generate trials: gijs.vipresponse (Skype)

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Owned + CAP available
CPA on trials

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All traffic types on performance that are looking for VIP campaigns hit me up on

mail : andre@vipresponse.es
skype : andre.vipresponse