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Xertive Global Media LTD
Xertive Global Media LTD Ads
Robert LittnerBuyer

ResultsMedia has been in the mobile business for the last 9 years and through our in house DSP we facilitate more than 50 Billion requests daily using our own proprietary technology.

Recently, we've created more room to accommodate new partnerships through open RTB and we are exploring new connection possibilities.

In terms of a potential deal we're looking for Direct supply(Display/Video/Native) for our premium demand partners worldwide.

Robert LittnerBuyer

Xertive are looking to buy exclusive above the fold placements for mobile web 300x250 In Banner Video.

Looking for long term commitments and to purchase all Tier 1 inventory.

Websites have to be O&O, Placement has to be above the fold.

If your interested in discussing further please email me.

Amir TapiroBuyer

Xertive Global Media has been one of the largest video company for the past few years and has a great portfolio of Fortune with more than 500 brand clients.
We support in-banner and in-stream high quality video ads for all devices.
We provide publishers different options to monetize in various ways and we also ensure timely payments which is always a big plus :)

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