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Earn With Domix Limited Ads
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Hi Guys,
My name is Domingo from Earn With Domix Limited.
We're an Ad Agency based in UK & Germany, and we are looking to buy CPI traffic WorldWide from Publishers and Media Buyers.

Which are the benefits to work with us?
○ 15k + direct CPI Offers from Advertisers;
○ Best Payouts and Big Budgets (caps);
○ Flexible Pay Terms (Daily, Weekly, By-Monthly and Monthly);
○ Smartlinks CPI, Mainstream, Adult & Incent for monetise the remaining traffic;
○ SDK Integration
○ API Integration
○ S2S Integration

App Developers that are looking to integrate our SDK will get the best direct offers and this ad formats:
◇ Native
◇ Interstitial
◇ Banner
◇ Video
◇ Rewarded Video

Are you looking to start cooperate with us? Ping me via Skype at: earnwithdomix or via mail at: db@earnwithdomix.com and let's discuss the opportunity.

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Hello Everybody
I am Michele - Affiliate Manager at Earn With Domix Affiliate Network.

We have a lot of campaigns CPI directly and exclusively for mobile , both Android and IOS and both incent and non incent . Currently we are looking for traffic Incent & Non Incent Worldwide. Let me know if you can help me.
Skype: vitale.earnwithdomix
Email: michele.vitale@earnwithdomix.com