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Adnium Inc. Ads
Dayna DeruelleSeller

hope everyone is well,

we have a good amount of adult/casual dating [members area] traffic, as well as some mainstream, that we sell on a CPM/CPC basis. a pre-qualified audience for dating offers, but also effective for pill and cams advertisers. is our network. this traffic comes from notable dating networks across our industry and includes pop-unders, banners, menu-tabs, email/push clicks, and more.

best regards,

Dayna DeruelleSeller has a healthy supply of desktop 300x250 banners from direct publishers.

White-listing, conversion tracking, OS, GEO down to the city or state level, day-part, etc. there are many targeting options available!

Skype: daynagsmi

Dayna DeruelleSeller has POP-UNDERS available at GREAT RATES! All GEOs with advanced targeting options.

Our traffic is sold on CPM rates.

Have a great day,

Dayna DeruelleSeller has MEMBERS AREA TRAFFIC! Bid on these premium banner placements today; ideal for cams, male-targeted nutra, gaming, tobacco accessories, pay-sites, VOD, and more.

Adnium is a self-serve platform, and sells traffic on CPM rates. All GEOs available, but the majority of volume at present comes from English Speaking countries.

daynagsmi on Skype if you would like to discuss it further.