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Revizer Ads
Avi KahnSeller

Hi All,

We have millions of POP traffic in more then 200 Geo's.
You can buy via XML feed or with CPM campaigns.
For the CPM campaigns we have a Self Serve platform that is very easy to use.
Join us now and pign me on skype live: avi.kahn2 or via email avika@revizer.com

Ronny Ed.Seller

Lots of High Quality traffic available in FR.

If you have good demand for it, let's talk!

Great opportunity!

Skype: ronnyed

Ronny Ed.Seller

Got plenty of WW desktop pops available with great quality.
Contact me today...
Skype me @ ronnyed

CPM Only and Prepayment

Ronny Ed.Seller

Looking to test a couple direct CPA offers!

No Adult content!

Direct preferred over Affiliates...

Add me on Skype and we'll talk!

Skype: ronnyed

Ronny Ed.Seller

Great Pop traffic for Desktop only available!

Any geo! Competitive CPMs and small prepayment (refundable)!
Mainstream, PC Support campaigns allowed! NO ADULT!

Add me today, let's start making more revenue!

XML Feed Integration also available!

Skype me @ ronnyed

Ronny Ed.Seller

Great Quality CPM Pops available worldwide!

Best quality there is!

CPM deals only!

Let's talk today. Skype me @ ronnyed.

Start today and never stop!

Ronny Ed.Seller

Selling worldwide High Quality Pop traffic worldwide!

You need it? I have it!
Desktop traffic only!

Great CPMs!

Ping me on Skype if you agree:

- Prepayment ONLY. No terms available! No big prepayments and it's refundable of course!

- Our numbers. We don't register in platforms. We have our own reporting system and you'll receive daily reports!

My Skype ID is ronnyed.

I'm waiting! Let's make money!

Ronny Ed.Seller

Great traffic available now WORLDWIDE! Pops and XML Feed!
Let's chat and do some business together!

Competitive CPMs!

Ping me today on Skype!


No mobile, Adult, Illegal or Fraudulent ads.

Gil BacharBuyer

Looking to buy Mac WW traffic on a PPI/CPI basis.
Amazing conversions and rates!!!
For More Details Contact me at Gilba@Revizer.com
Or at Skype: Gil.Revizer