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Good afternoon to everybody,
I would start these 2 markets for Email Marketing activity, someone could be help me about how buy databases and how find agencies for campaigns to send?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello to everyone,
I' m looking for campaigns in Germany, Belgium(Dutch), Netherlands and Poland.
We got a db in COI/DOI all profiled for name, surname, age and gender. I'm looking for campaigns where i can bring very good traffic. See you soon!

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Hello i' m looking for campaigns in new zealand.
we got a db in COI with a size of 250.000 users all profiled for city doi name and surname , i'm looking for campaigns where i can bring very good traffic

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Hello i would like to buy co-sponsoring leads in New Zealand, i need hq traffic, 100% no incentive.

let me know!


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Hello dears, i'm looking for traffic for a dating site 100% free who can help me.
the join is payed in Single optin and we pay 1,5€ each registration , no trash, payment every start of the months. no limit of budget please contact me asap!