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Smartlink is a link which contains many single offers and helps you orient service provider,geos so that put in the best offers.
We support API integration ,s2s.
Payment :wire, paypal both well. Net 30
Model: CPA and CPS.

If you feel free,contact me on skype- Greta zyc or email-greta@mobikok.com or wechat-zyc6537784.

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we can run smartlink\sdk\api\ also is mean we have a lot of traffic and it all over the world. skype: Fafa-Mobikok

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We have a large of CPA traffic ,if u have offer,cantact with me

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Our company is based in China.
But our data centers (servers) are located in US, EAST
Main GEOs (as SSP): Asia, Africa, Latin America
Traffic types: mobile (mobile web - 25+% and in-app - 70+%) , no desktop
Ad types: banner (320*480)
Volumes we can provide are: 250k-300k QPS
offer vertical:sexy,games,whatsapp, Antivirus, wallpaper, music, news, weather report, sweepstakes

If you are interested in Mobikok,contact me on skype: Greta zyc or email:greta@mobikok.com

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5000+ Adult ➕ Mainstream. All of our offers are mobile content with great eCPM, some of them are potential to be over $50. I am not only buying the traffic but always be here to maximum its value. Display and pop under are preferable, other types of traffic can discuss.