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Ufirst Ads
Kehinde AkanbiBuyer

Hello All,

I have 3 financial offers I will like to promote

Payout:$1,000 Per sale


Traffic Source:Email Marketing,Display,CPM and Banner,Pay per click and social media advertising.

Please note that I only work on post payment basis.

If we agree on this plan,then I will send all offer details and email marketing creatives to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kehinde Akanbi


Hi! We are running a call center where we generate fresh leads on a daily basis. We generate leads for Home Improvement Projects Solar, Windows, and HVAC.

We qualify interested consumers through cold calling, set up the appointments for your specialist for a home visit to do home assessment and presentation, and transferring them to your customer service to verify the qualification of the consumer and verify the appointment.

For PPC, we can do cold calling to qualify interested consumers then transfer them to the promotional phone number that will be assigned to us.

Please skype me live:randy.oneworldoutsourcellc

Ivan GuaranhaBuyer

Interested in more information, please contact me via Skype or email , I will be happy to negotiate possible payouts and campaigns to you by e- mail marketing.

skype: novosafiliados.ufirst