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Zoomy International Ltd Ads

Dear partners,

This is Sarah from network by Zoomy International ltd.

And we are linked with lots of direct advertisers.

we are looking for GLOBAL traffic on CPM, CPC ,CPI and CPA model.

Please add my


Register on our ads- platform, which has high-conversion offers for feature-phone traffic as well as android-phone traffic

su susieBuyer

hello,everyone,l am from zoomy international ltd base in shanghai, our affilites is clinkad. we links to many direct advertisers, and we have exclusive offers with good conversion and prompt payment,free contact me ,skype: su.susie7


We have in-house E-commerce offers that could work in CPS and CPA model.

no CPC and CPM work cooperation

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Best regards,



We are looking for Sweeptakes traffic, pin me if you have

su susieBuyer

clickad by zoomy have own offers and exclusive cpi&cpa offers.we are looking for direct traffic for our offers.which have good price and skype:su.susie7

su susieBuyer

we are focus on cpa and cpi work.and we have excluisve offers and direct offers.with varies vertical and good converting,short payment terms.please contact me skype:su.susie7 for more detiles.


Exclusive one-click billing/two-click billing CPA offers looking for traffic.

vertical: gaming/adult/e-commerce/adult/nutra

su susieBuyer

we are looking for ww traffic,focus on cpi and cpa,also have smartlink,we have our own offers and mang direct offers with good skype:su.susie7

su susieBuyer

we have our own and direct cpi and cpa global offers. high conversion and pay prompt.we also have more than 5k offers in our platform,also can do api and smart link.
please ping my skype:su.susie7


Dear friends,

We are an ad network based in Shanghai, China. We also have offices in Indonesia and Malaysia. We are linked with many advertiser directly.
We are looking for stable relationship with worldwide companies.

Powered with good-converting direct offers, we can offer you good revenue by API integration.

Most of our good offers accept in-app traffic.


we are looking for quality traffic for our exclusive cpi offers, it do convert well

only one thing: best quality traffic needed

then we offer you open cap!

1000$ per day is at least

Contact Sarah:


We are a network based in Shanghai China, and also have one office in Indonesia.

We are linked with lots of direct advertisers in Southeast Asia. And we are looking for long and stable partnership


we are linked with lots of direct advertiser worldwide, focusing on SouthEast Asia countries


we are looking for global quality traffic to promote app

Reach me by my skype: zouningxi