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Bluagile DSP Ads
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Selling high-end quality CPM and CPC traffic.

Good traffic and rest assured that there will be no bots and fraud.


Ping me: cindy.bluagile

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Hi! I am selling premium quality and worldwide traffic for CPM and CPC basis.

We have fixed and competitive CPM and CPC rates.
Rest assured there's no bot and fraud in the traffic you'll be receiving.

Interested? Reach me at cindy.bluagile or drop me a mail at cindy@bluagile.com

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Hi guys!

I am looking for CPM campaigns.

Fixed rates and good traffic quality.

Interested? Ping me: cindy.bluagile

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Selling HQ and mainstream CPC and CPM traffic for desktop, mobile, and pop!

Fixed CPM rates. No bots and fraud.

Interested? Ping me: cindy.bluagile

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Hi! Selling HQ WW CPM campaigns.

We have desktop, mobile, in-app and pop traffic!

We also accept Adtag, JS tags, iFrame, rotating, and static.

Interested? Send an email to cindy@bluagile.com or ping me at cindy.bluagile

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Selling premium quality worldwide CPM traffic!

We have display, mobile, pop, and in app traffic.

We also accept AdTag/JS tags/iFrame,/Rotating/Static/3rd party creatives.

Contact me via email: cindy@bluagile.com
Or ping me at Skype: cindy.bluagile

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Traffic Inventory: pop, desktop and mobile display, mobile in-app

Reach: 200+ countries

Pricing: dynamic CPM

For more details, feel free to contact me
Skype: cindy.bluagile
Email: cindy@bluagile.com

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Hi! Selling HQ quality POP traffic on a CPM basis for both desktop and mobile.

We're working on either dCPM or fixed CPM rates.

Top geos:
United States 652,872
Indonesia 619,575
Vietnam 262,315
Thailand 212,681
India 164,964
Spain 142,596
Iran, 129,046
Mexico 127,124
Brazil 108,740
China 90,478
Germany 82,053
Russia 73,557


Brazil 1,382,365
United States 1,262,469
Spain 814,123
France 712,538
Russia 660,924
Italy 596,318
Mexico 418,339
Germany 409,107
India 366,536
Vietnam 353,575
Argentina 229,890
United Kingdom 226,525

For inquiries, contact me via email (cindy@bluagile.com) or ping me (cindy.bluagile)

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We have HQ WW traffic available!

You may choose whether you wanted to have your
1. campaign managed with daily reporting and screenshot (fixed CPM rates)
2. or use our RTB platform (dCPM)

For more info, contact me via email (cindy@bluagile.com) or hit me on skype (cindy.bluagile)

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We have huge and high quality volume of pop traffic for the following countries:

United States

*May be self-serve or managed campaigns

If you are interested, contact me via
email: cindy@bluagile
or skype: cindy.bluagile

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