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Ad4Date Ads
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We are aimed at dating offers: adult/casual/mainstream.

We accept all media types.
Atm we run CPA deals, no CPM/CPC at all.
Prepay is only possible for PPS(pay per sale) offers!

Shoot me a message in skype: akskokos

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We are looking for a provider that can grant us installs from real users only.
App is in adult field.

No prepayment possible.
CPM/CPC deals are not the point

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We have so many offers for your traffic:
adult dating, casual dating, cams!

All media types accepted, ALL!

Get paid per:
-SALE up to $95/sale
-TRIAL up to $65/trial period
-LEAD(registration) up to $7.2/registration(SOI)

For any questions, skype: akskokos

Woot Woot!

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We accept all media types.

We have dating offers to explore the market: we are ok with any traffic type, even the so called e-whoring(chat traffic)