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Picella Ltd Ads
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Hello, Picella Ltd. is looking for CPM desktop pop under traffic.
WW geos, CPM 0.25$, net45.
Direct link.

Please, ping me on skype nadyakucherenko_picella

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Looking for video traffic. Good rates and earnings are guaranteed.
Please ping me nadyakucherenko_picella on Skype.
Thank you.

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Hello, we are looking for DIRECT site owners to offer your site monetization. Good rates guaranteed. Please, ping on skype nadyakucherenko_picella.

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Video Traffic needed!

Hey, we are looking for CPM Desktop VIDEO traffic.
Rates from 1.5$ to 4$. Good performance guaranteed.

email: contact@picellaltd.com
skype: nadyakucherenko_picella