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2-30 Media Ads
Cid De AndradeBuyer


We want to reinforce our MX and COL email databases with co-registration and/or sponsor leads.

Ideally you'd be able to provide : email, firstname, lastname, date of birth, gender, city, state, country, user IP and timestamp.

Please email me with your quote (how much per lead and possible monthly volume) : cid at deux-trente dot com

Please EMAIL me, I won't be able to be responsive on Skype.

Thanks in advance !

Cid De AndradeBuyer


We're looking for display and/or email marketing traffic in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

We'll buy display traffic in CPC.

We'll buy email traffic in CPM or CPC.

We're 2-30 MEDIA, publishers based in Paris. Our core business is lead generation and we do it via our own websites (consumer-survey communities).

cid at

Skype ID:

Cid De AndradeSeller

Do you need to build or reinforce and email database in LATAM?

Do you need top quality leads for your business?

We can provide you with co-registration and/or co-sponsor leads from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

We're publishers and generate these leads via our own websites (consumer-review communities). You'll be surprised by our smart price rates and each lead delivers:

- email
- firstname
- lastname
- birthdate
- gender
- address
- zipcode
- city
- state
- DDD (area phone code, Brazil only)
- User IP
- Timestamp

For coregs, possibilites are endless, we'll be able to ask our audience any info you'll need :-)

Email: cid at deux-trente dot com

Keywords: cospon, coreg

Cid De AndradeSeller

We're publishers based in Paris and our core business is lead generation.

We can provide you with top quality leads and traffic from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

We can run your campaigns in co-registration, display and email marketing.

We have our own websites : 100% of the traffic we're going to deliver to you will come from our consumer-survey communities.

Let's talk about it?

cid at deux-trente dot com
Skype ID:

Carla ValdiviaSeller

2-30 Media's core business is lead generation and our main expertises are co-sponsoring and co-registration campaigns. We also have top quality display and email traffic.

100% of our traffic come from our own websites.

We can help you grow your Mexican email database(s) providing you with co-sponsor or co-registration leads.

We also work in several other markets (FR, ES, IT, PL, PT, AU, BR, UK)