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uc-union Ads
Jeremy SongBuyer

UC Browser open incent-traffic for GP campaigns now for 5days now ! ONLY 11.25~11.29.
Don't hesitate. Join now and get more revenue^^
my skype: jeremy0fly@gmail.com

Jeremy SongBuyer

Looking for long-term traffic partners for Alibaba UCweb. Open cap is available for long-term partners. Get millions $$$ from us with your HQ traffic. Yes, you can ! Plz feel welcome to contact me over skype: jeremy0fly@gmail.com or send email to me: sxf105341@alibaba-inc.com

Jeremy SongBuyer

Only CPA/CPI deals with high payouts(0.18$-0.6$plus) & bonus for long-termed qualified traffic partners.
contact me with your brief introduction via skype jeremy0fly@gmail.com . Looking forward to win-to-win cooperation in big scale.


I want to buy traffic yo promote our Android products based on CPA
If you are interested in this cooperation, please contact me.
Skype: daisylinwan
Email: linwan.lw@alibaba-inc.com