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Smadex Ads
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I am looking for mobile Video campaigns for my premium traffic from Cedtato on HTML!

WW Premium Traffic!

Contact me! => horn@smadex.com (horn.smadex(skype)).

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I am looking for mobile CPM/CPC campaigns on a WW scale.!

contact me for quality traffic => horn.smadex (skype)

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I am selling high quality mobile web and in-app Traffic World wide for banners and Video!

On dCPM, CPM and CPC pricing formats!!!

FORMAT: Banners+URL, Rich Media, Video.

Ping me for more info => horn.smadex!!!
or => horn@smadex.com

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Selling high converting MC traffic!
Ping me with your offers to make some good coint together! WW Traffic available, All formats supported.

PING me: horn.smadex or horn@smadex.com

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Looking for SSP´s/exchanges who accept JS tags.
Have massice demand and volume availabel!
Integration also possible.

Ping me: Horn.smadex or email horn@smadex.com

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WE provide a great solution for Agencies called White label! You can brand our Plattform with your Logo and use it as it was your own! Your clients will love it!

Premium mobile web/in app traffic only! Amazing for Branding for Video!

Contact me! => horn.smadex or horn@smadex.com