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Strategic Marketing Services Ads
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Our services:

o Data/prospects lists
o Marketing automation tool
o Database management
o Multi-channel marketing
o Digital marketing

My skype: briankiny

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Our Platform is the best solution with any business : Where you hunt prospects/data lists, upload third party data, get it verify/update missing fields, Multi-channel marketing, create email campaigns from the scratch, create social media campaigns, launch the campaigns, schedule the campaigns for future, Analytics and much more as you want it customised for your need.

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To give you a quick heads up on our services and products, We are Digital Marketing Agency based out of Henderson, Nevada with a workforce of 342 Specialists, particularly to deal with all the requirements with the Digital Marketing. Whether it is Email campaigns, Telemarketing, SEO, PPC, Content creation, List builds, Website & Platform builds, Social media, Mobile & Web Apps, Tracking, Analytics & Profiling and much more to offer.

Also, just to keep you informed about our strength. We have 42 million B2B records across United States. and worldwide we have about 52 million records of database.

With 50 years in Direct response marketing (20 in digital) we have learned a few things and would like to share our experience with you.