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lia hughesJob Offerlia hughes
PositionsContent writer/Translator
GeosSweden, Turkey
Freelancer to do homework

Good afternoon looking for a well-rounded freelancer to do homework or a company that can help solve this list of tasks.

1. Solve tasks related to the law. Hello. Need to solve a simple test work in jurisprudence of the two tasks. Special requests: to paint a detailed solution. Deadline delivery is negotiable. Details and materials to the performer.
2. Need to do tasks on the programming.  
- Given an array, which is a square map. You need to implement a function that returns a new array with this map, which is filled with the path from the beginning of the path to the end of the path, marked on the map. The path can only be laid horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally. 
- There are tasks, you need to make them in assembly language, but the input data should be in C, the data processing in assembly language, the output data in C.
- Create a set of tests. Create a set of tests for the Subtraction functionality and add it to the test run.