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Job Offer
PositionsMedia Sales
GeosIndia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States
Get Free 88$ worth BTC BTC daily without investment, Withdraw Instantly


Steps to take:

-Email & Verification Email

👉Download the app
- if it is not apk please convert the downloaded file from .bin to .apk

- Enter your Email and Password

‼️‼️ "DONT FORGET" ‼️‼️

After you login, it's still not finished yet, you need to do "KYC Verification" first before you can start mining..

How to verify?

👉Verify your account (Real-name Authentication)
- Provide Authentication Name
- Passport, National ID, Phone number or License Number
- Along the face Verification --

# Wink
# Rise your head slowly.
# Down your head slowly.
# Left site your head in slowly.
# Right site your head in slowly.
# Open your mouth and close your mouth.

👉After verification
- Click start mining

Mining system :
Every 10 minutes 1 block, it can only save up to 150 blocks, so you need to receive it

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