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Thumb 1a2c851ee231de4cJob OfferPaul Ipatov
PositionsAffiliate Manager
GeosCanada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States
Remote - Media Buyer Need !! ( 1position )

Hello we a brand new adult media what looking a best Media Buyers on adult traffic world

What you need to do ? - just search direct sites on adult niche to buy traffic from that , control budget , eCPM check ,

What skills you need by ? - 3 years experience of work on media buying on all niche of web traffic English on +A level that is all .

What we offer ? - 2 500$ Per month + 5% from 1 site revenue per month.

CV on corp@adultino.com our ad me on skype : corp@adultino.com

Br. Paul Ipatov
Adultino Media

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