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Federico Zwanck SáenzJob OfferFederico Zwanck Sáenz
PositionsMedia Buyer
GeosAustralia, France, Germany, Russian Federation, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam
Media Buyer Wanted at GASMOBI!

At www.gasmobi.com we are looking for media buyers to promote and escale with positive ROI our sweepstakes and mobile subscriptions carrier billing products, we are looking for someone with knowledge in promoting this kind of offers in FB, GDN, banners, traffic sources etc...
We offer a fix salary and a relevant % of the profits generated of the campaigns, we finance all the operations in order to make it scale it to the max!
Please if you think you fit in this position, contact me by skype at fedepen42 or by mail: f.zwanck@gasmobi.com

Kind regards