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Job Offer
PositionsMedia Buyer
GeosCanada, United States
WHITE HAT Media Buyer Needed for NUTRA [US/CA]

Hi Everyone,

We will soon be launching a few skincare offers in the CPA market. We are an advertiser with our own cosmetics production company based in Portugal.

We are looking for a rockstar media buyer who is capable of making large volumes of sales while staying COMPLIANT. A REAL MARKETER.

Meaning: NO advertorials YOU WON"T BELIEVE YOUR EYES and SHADY techniques. Just GOOD MARKETING SKILLS.

We will work on a Revshare basis. 50% on sales made.

However, you will be responsible for your advertising budget. In the same way it works in affiliate networks.

We can also push offers that will be exclusive to you if you can deliver great results.

Get in touch for collab.

Telegram: elkero7

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