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Buy App Installs

Bunch of app installs give a good sign. It will help in improving rank on App Store as well as reach more worldwide users.

There are couple of different places you can buy and get app installs with certainly 100% real users.

Official Apple and Android App Store - Actually both app store have their own advertising solutions where you can promote your app with specific keywords. It’s called as Apple Search Ads & Google Ads.

Freelance marketplaces - This path take some time as you need to sift through pages of listings before finding a few that suitable to try. I don’t really recommend this path as it require a bit of luck. If you decide to give this a go, try

App marketing agencies - As mentioned before, app installs are big business. You need rather a big budget to run app install campaigns. It can be complicated if you have no experiences about it. Hence, if you are not familiar with advertising, I suggest you to work with an app marketing agency to get started. Good a

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