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Thumb 90aef730ac03ba25Job Offer

this is our app:

You need to find people who want to buy our traffic
for more info please add me on skype:

*the people can be from the whole world

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I’m looking for a remote position in affiliate or advertiser management. I have worked for 7 years in the affiliate space, both at the advertiser level and for networks. I mainly worked with dating, nutra, lead gen, gambling and install offers. Please take a look at my linkedin for my work experience and contact me for my full resume. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bsimpson001/

OriginJob Offer

Job description

As an advertiser manager you have to manage our advertisers and grow our advertiser base. The position requires Sales and account manager skills. You will represent the company in conferences and forums.

What you will really be doing
You have to identify our advertisers needs
Suggest features and product requests
You have to recruit new advertisers and build a strong advertiser base
Representing ad network in meetings, forums and conferences.