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UK - O2, Vodafone, Three, TMobile, Orange, EE - Android & IOS - CPA €8,40

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Jagwar Ads Media is a CPM model based banner advertising network. It offers all
standard banner ads that you can place on your website to earn money.
Jagwar Ads Media offers various good services like low minimum payout, all
standard banner sizes, multiple ad formats, and a good referral program.
Jagwar Ads Media accepts worldwide publishers and accepts all traffic.
If you are a British then Master-CPM could be a good network for you
as it is specially meant for British traffic.


I'm looking for mainly CPL and CPA traffic for South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

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I’m looking for a remote position in affiliate or advertiser management. I have worked for 7 years in the affiliate space, both at the advertiser level and for networks. I mainly worked with dating, nutra, lead gen, gambling and install offers. I'm also an expert with cake and hasoffers platforms. Please take a look at my linkedin for my work experience and contact me for my full resume.

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Our marketing platform is opening up a mobile department. We are actively seeking for someone able to manage and develop the market (mobile and desktop). Our website is :
Location: Our society is based in France, but no need to live here to work with us . Salary: to be defined.
Don't hesitate to contact us via email at: or by skype : evpepato

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