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13253 ads

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App2Coin is a unique high-yield way to monetize your Android traffic. The SDK integrates automatically into any APK file. You save the ability to sign it with your own certificate to work with any market, including Google Play.
For partners with high-quality traffic, rates can go up to $ 0.4 for each install. At the same time, you do not lose anything, because you do not have to delete usual methods of monetization, but only add a new one!

Why is it worth trying?
1) Automatic integration of our SDK into ANY apk file. The process does not take more than a minute of your time.
2) We pay for each install of SDK, whether the user is being monetized or not.
3) The cost of the install is significantly higher than standard market solutions.
20 GEO availible, more coming soon!
4) Daily payments

Register here -> http://app2coin.com/register

Any questions, be free to contact us.
Skype: support@app2coin.com
E-mail: support@app2coin.com
Telegram: support@app2coin.com

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Our adult tubes are all in Top 1000 Alexa Rank.
We offer premium Mobile and Desktop traffic!
Special Prices for HardLinks & Banners in August!
We cover all GEO's!
We sell Banners, PopUnders, Tabs!
We have all targeting options!

Our websites: https://tubecorporate.com/home/our_sites

We sell Banners on FLATRATE base and PopUnders on CPM base. PREPAYMENT.

Contact me at any time:
skype: theodore_221
mail: theodore@onlinesup.com

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We are glad to announce that minimum CPM rates for Display and Native channels are 10x times lower NOW. We decreased minimum CPM rates for these channels from $1 CPM to $0.1 CPM

New Rates;

$0.001 for Audience
$0.003 – Verified Audience

Buy Traffic:
Drive higher conversion rates with targeted solutions, in-depth reporting and various tracking capabilities.


Sell Traffic:
Maximize your revenue with competitive CPMs and 100% fill rates, postpaid twice a month, and a 24/7 Support System.


Receive High-Quality, High-Performing And Brand-Safe Traffic From Top SSPs! Our goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps.

FroggyAds.com is a media buying platform that connect to over 85 traffic sources around the world


Receive High-Quality, High-Performing
And Brand-Safe Traffic!



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Mobile and Desktop traffic - high volumes!

All GEOs

Inventory: Banners, PopUnders, Hardlinks.
Targeting options: GEO, Country, Language, Type of device, OS and OS version, Browser, Category, Sources, Carrier/Wi-Fi/3G, IP range, Browser

Skype - live:nastya_925
E-mail - nastya@onlinesup.com

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We sell Mobile and Desktop Traffic.

Mobile Inventory: Banner, In-Banner Video
Desktop Inventory: Banner and In-Banner Video

We Support Js tag, Iframe, HTML.

Skype: tharun_niutux
Mail Id: tharun@niutux.com

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WW Pop Traffic inventory from $0.0005 CPV

For pop-under, pop-up, interstitials, and $0.1 CPM For Banners and Native- World Wide

All Verticals are welcome

To get an account it takes 5 seconds only


, the account will be created automatically with a new password on the thank you page.

Lets start:

1. Watch this video


2. Setup a demo with me for 15 mins 1-0-1 session for free. https://calendly.com/popadup/

3. setup your campaign

4. Deposit Funds


5. Get our Bonus


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Hashing24 bitcoin cloud mining company which is one of the current cloud mining leaders on the market is looking for a relevant traffic. No restrictions in regards to GEO, platform, sources etc.
We offer lifetime revshare from all purchases made by the same customer. No budget restrictions! Contact me here or at: partners@hashing24.com if you have traffic for us and can work on REVSHARE ONLY. We don't need CPA, CPM etc.

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We have great direct Mobile offers
attractive payouts and terms

we have mobile content offers and app downloads,
many verticals and GEO's

Contact us for more details


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skype: Harelfiliba
The Video Traffic You've Been Waiting For Finally Here!

Over 3B Daily Impressions To Be Sold!

Targeting Per Country, OS, Carrier and Much More.

Advanced Campaign Optimization Tools.

Click Here To Start Getting The Results You Waited For So Long:

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We have website traffic to sell. Our marketads.net platform offers best quality website traffic from all around the world.
We work only with CPM Pop-Under ads.
Best deal and best bonuses. Buy traffic for 500$ and you get with 10% more traffic as a bonus.
SKYPE ADDRESS: marketads.net
Create account here: www.marketads.net/app/register/
Good luck!

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Native advertising platform currently working with hundreds of premium publishers, seeking advertisers to run campaigns on a CPC basis.

If you want more info, contact me at any time via:
E-Mail & Skype: daniel.ryan@earnify.com

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Minimum bid $0.5 CPM

Over 3B daily impressions to be sold

Targeting per country, os, carrier and much more.

Can run JS tags, image banners, pop under

Register an advertiser account thru the link below and ping us through the dashboard chat.


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Huge volume of verified traffic!
Over 600 publishers all ranking highly in Alexa/Similarweb(most are Google approved sites that are on AdX)

-Traffic from direct publishers only
-Variable targeting options (geo, site category, device, OS, browsers, language, time etc.)


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hey Guys,

This is Rohith from MindMagicMedia.
we are having world wide traffic for only direct offers.
mostly we are working with CPI.
our strongest geos are JP, US, IN, TW..

we need only direct offers.
which must be longlive. :)

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Looking for traffic on CPA/CPL/CPI/CPS
- adult dating;
- mainstream dating;
- Casino/Gambling;
- Health&Beauty;
- Games; CPI
- VoD.
We have direct as well as our own products and some exclusives.

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I am from Smartyads. We offer advanced targeting options for sophisticated advertisers. Js and IFrame tags are supported. Tier 1 and ww traffic for almost all verticals available.

For more details feel free to ping me on Skype: kristina@smartyads.com


Leading Performance Marketing Agency looking for direct advertisers, all verticals. We can offer HQ WW traffic for your exclusive CPI/CPA/CPL campaigns. Please email me for more details.

No networks, no brokered campaigns please!

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We are Finmax.com
We are looking for CPA Traffic
EN, RU, PL, GCC, IT, DE, Nordic countries
High CR%.
CPA from $400 up to 500
Revenue Share Up to 50%
NO Prepayments


Our traffic is from direct sources, trusted add agencies, mobile developers, app owners, web masters, influencers/bloggers, in-house media buying team and our proprietary programmatic algorithms
Kind of traffic - Mobile IN APP/WEB
Verticals : Dating, Lifestyle - Utilities, Media - Entertainment, Shopping, Travel, Games (Casino Games, Casual Games, Kids Games, Sports Betting)
Let's work together and make a fruiful partnership

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Do you have in-house Mobile Subscription Offers?
'Cause we have the best mobile traffic waiting for you! :)
Ping me on Skype - catia.gomes_9


Hello,we are looking for HQ traffic for Google chrome extensions CPI
Geo's: Asia,LATAM,Africa.

skype: Alexandr MethAds

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Hi everyone!
We have good converting IN and EG android mainstream mobile popunders here: cpms starts from 0.1$ for EG and 2.15$ for IN:)
Please contact me for more details via skype -hilltopads_adv3 or sign up and start running your campaigns today - https://hilltopads.com/signup?manager=112

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with CPI/CPA/CPL traffic;
Tier 1 and Asia;
Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc.

Feel free to add me on Skype:

Guys, let's make money together :)

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Looking for direct traffic on CPA/CPI basis for our direct and exclusive campaigns.

We operate in following verticals:
- Mobile CPI(incent & non-incent)
- Email & Zip Submits
- Health & Fitness
- Dating/Adult
- Biz Opp
- Insurance
- Mobile Content

Feel free to send me a private message If interested!

Contact details:
- Skype: live:dario_3345
- Email: dario@mcom.io


Demand is picking up & we are looking for top publishers/networks to purchase your desktop & mobile video inventory.

I'm working with several networks and they are BUYING AT -
SM 2/3.50
MED 4/5.50
L 6/7.50
MW and INAPP from 2 to 3.50
Let's connect on who is looking for your inventory and let me know what rates work best. I'll get you a IO over ASAP for a test!

Sell today & start earning tomorrow!
coloradopaludas for more details......

Thank you,

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We have 3 proven opt in tcpa compliant homeowner feeds that work for anything home related. (solar, home improvement, home security, etc) Add me on skype: sdutil143 or email sharon@leadzod.com (prepay/no paypal)

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Searching for mobile traffic ( AU, UK, CN, TW, DE, CA, JP, US) for our direct games. Would be a plus if you are able to pass GAID/IDFA.

Skype: hv_239


....... I was looking for best cpi,cpa offers for mobile with high payouts.

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We offer:
* High volumes of HQ traffic on all verticals
* GEO targeting
* Carrier Targeting
* OS targeting
* Time frame targeting
* IP targeting
* Attractive rates and amazing Bonus structure for deposits
* 24/7 client support on Skype!

Reach me over Skype: Andrei ReachEffect

Best regards,