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18090 ads


i m looking for binary offers good funnels
payment : net2 or net3 max

skype : chirt2@outlook.com


INXYADS advertising networkSeller

At the moment we have Tier 1 and Tier 2 traffic available from direct publishers from + 500k per day. Banners and pop unders with a lot of targeting options, please fell free to contact us and to get more information. Thank you for your attention.

Aubrey SandersSeller


For a short-term, we provide $50 worth of traffic to everyone! For details: aubrey@reklamstore.com

๐Ÿ“Œ Reach premium display, video, native and POP traffic.
๐Ÿ“Œ Publish on desktop / mobile web / in-app
๐Ÿ“Œ 3rd Party tag support: JS tag, rotating tags etc.
๐Ÿ“Œ Integrated 140+ SSPs & traffic sources
๐Ÿ“Œ Advanced targeting options: Geo, device, SSP, browser, operating system, carrier, white-listing, and black-listing.

โ™ฆ Try our platform now: http://bit.ly/2Dgz1tn

๐ŸŒŸ ReklamStore DSP is a campaign management product that provides advertisers to buy ad placements online in real time!

๐ŸŒŸ You can buy premium traffic, generate quality leads & boost your sales with our advanced targeting options!

๐ŸŒŸ Our demand-side platform is a self-serve programmatic advertising tool which advertisers can create, manage and monitor their display, affiliate, video or mobile ad campaigns include various pricing models.

๐ŸŒŸ Our DSP is suitable for white label edition.

BSOD@Porn Calls Generate CallSeller

BSod And Porn Calls : 6$ per Call

USA-CA-UK-FR-AU-JP Calls I can provide with replacement..

Traffic 4$cpm

Skype: live:ashrafulislam60

Prepay Only - If you agree contact me !

Roman ll TestMyOffersSeller

TESTMYOFFERS (https://testmyoffers.com/)
- a tool to test tracking link offers for all main types of mobile devices.

We offer our own developed solution for testing mobile offers. With us you will be always sure that you are getting only direct and real offers from your advertisers. Our system allows to spy on the number of hands your offer is redirected through, count double jumps and advertiser's trackers.

TestMyOffers provides wide service at really lower price in comparing with other companies!

Our main advantages:

- Api integration with any platform;

- City targeting is available;

- Blacklist of unwanted advertisers;

- Auto-test system (Set needed schedule and get the result by email);

- Flexible prices;

- User-friendly interface;

- Tech support 24/7.
Right now you can try out our testing tool with 10 FREE tests per day bonus! If you have any question or need any help don't hesitate to contact me.

Please add me on Skype: live:testmyoffers.sales

Popadup Business DevSeller

Lets us show you how to start buy brand safe quality pop traffic for just $0.5 CPM



You can signup here: https://adv.popadup.com/#/signup

For more details: support [@] popadup.com
Skype: Popadup Team

Looking forward to hearing from you soon for any question

Mark LBuyer

Affiliaxy is the best adult affiliate program for anyone who wants to make a lot of money. With our well-converting products and services you will get optimal results with a maximum yield.

Quick overview of the benefits of Affilaxy:

- High CPL, Rev/Share Payouts
- Unique content
- High conversion
- Unique white label builder
- Many different niches
- High and especially fast payments
- Detailed statistics
- Currently internationally active in 5 countries
- Legendary support (24/7)

Sign up for Affilaxy today and let's start discussing the details. You can easily sign up with the best adult affiliate program through the link below. Here you will also find the necessary information about our program.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Phone: +31(0)205602941
Email: mark (at) affilaxy.com
Skype: Affilaxy

Best regards,

The Affilaxy Team

Bitter SweetBuyer

Monetize your adult traffic with us at BitterSweetAds (https://bittersweetads.net/). An advertising network that makes a delicious advert and gives a sweet cost for the traffic.

We know better than anyone else, the best techniques to cook any type of SWEET traffic to payout perfection.

We will buy all your traffic. You will get ready-to-use advertising templates. You just need put in on your site and start earning money with us

At the moment we have one of the best dating smartlinks on the market, producing proven results for our partners with the following features:

- Smartlinks (Dating, Mainstream, BizOpp)
- 10,000+ Direct & exclusive campaigns
- From $15 payments on demand
-Rate control
-Individual manager-analyst
-Secure advertisement

Want to make bank on your remnant, geo-redirect, or exit traffic? Join us now.
Do not hesitate to hit me up on
Telegram @BitterSweetAds for more details!
SKYPE - live:bittersweetads

Ronnie MattBuyer

We are looking for tech call publishers who can drive us Tech calls or Traffic from UK. Both pay-per-call or traffic ones are welcome. Pay-per-call would be preferable.

If interested, contact me on skype: live:ronnie.matt

**fake pubs, stay away. Need only genuine real players.

Evi SkrynnikBuyer

We are looking for traffic on gambling, betting, dating, crypto, forex and binary options for different countries: RU, CIS, DE- and EN-speaking countries, GCC, Asian countries and etc. We have offers with good conditions. We work ONLY on CPL, CPA, RevShare.
Please contact us https://my.3snet.ru/?lang=en or es@3snet.ru.

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Basel SSeller

Sponsored Content Ads - Available on exclusive CPC basis - working with leading News, sports, entertainment sites.

Current advertisers achieving ROI of upto 1000%


Please get in touch on info@jubna.com or register on www.jubna.com

or discuss on skype: bsayaf

Johnny MaddenSeller

We have website traffic to sell. Our marketads.net platform offers best quality website traffic from all around the world.
We work only with CPM Pop-Under ads.
Best deal and best bonuses. Buy traffic for 500$ and you get with 10% more traffic as a bonus.
SKYPE ADDRESS: marketads.net
Create account here: www.marketads.net/app/register/
Good luck!


We are buying UK desktop pop traffic on CPM basis. Please contact me for more info. Self Serve platforms are more preferable. Add me on Sky pe: anurag_sh87

Adlevel is a leading marketing online agency based out of US.

Eric LassBuyer

Hey, ''SMARTLINK available''
we have good desktop/mobile offer.we pay weekly! High rates!world wide!all our offer are high rate.we have 24HR support service. you can contacts with me :Skype: live:ericcpabestoffer

INXYADS advertising networkBuyer


We will provide you with a wide range of ad creatives in mobile and desktop worldwide campaigns on CPC, CPM, CPL, statistics, 24/7 technical support, various additional services and will make everything so that you have a decent income. We are flexible in our payment terms and options.


Utsav PatelBuyer

I'm looking for Payday or either Credit repair SF data with higher connectivity on urgent basis. Please reach out to me ASAP for further conversation.

Skype: alex.utsav
E-mail: alex@ocean-across.com


Interested in buying forex/investments premium media.

David AbrahamSeller

Hello All,

Feel free to approach for quality traffic.

Skype : live:abraham.david_5
Email : Abraham.david@mglobalm.com


Krishna AdnutBuyer

High payout nutra direct offer. Affiiates ping me.

Jacques N.Buyer

At Arbitrage Leads, we specialise in online payday and installment lead generation. Our personal loan marketplace allows consumers with a financial need to meet lenders.

HQ traffic WANTED to run In-house offers (FINANCE, LOANS & INSURANCE)! Direct Nutra, Health offers and sweepstakes also available.

RevShare or CPA/CPL/CPI basis!

If you are looking to generate more revenue, please PING ME - Skype: ebuzzm
Email: jacques@arbitrageleads.net
Or sign up as an affiliate: http://arbitrageleadss.hasoffers.com/signup_affiliate/59

Rob GlebeSeller

We are looking for advertisers who are interested in promoting Pay per Click text ad direct advertising campaigns.

Adsimilate operates our own in house proprietary PPC bid engine. We offer Run of Network and Keyword advertising campaigns. Our advertising network consists of (content sites, video sites, search engines, etc.). We have high quality traffic (including Tier 1), GEO targeting, and strong GA scored TOS/PV/ BR traffic.

Sign up for an advertiser account today.
Sign up here: https://adsimilatecommunity.com/advertisers.html or here: http://login.adsimilate.com/advertiser/signup or contact me directly at rglebe@adsimilate.com Also on Skype: rob.glebe


Solo Ads:

A Solo Ad is an email that goes out to the members' Primary Email Address for best result and it can say what you want it to say. You pick the subject, the message and the link.

All members are 100% Double opt in and are very active in looking for the right internet opportunity for them. This can equate to More Sales, Down line members, Affiliate sign-ups, Ezine subscribers, and more!

Single Solo Ad to 5,000 members for $60
Single Solo Ad to 10,000 members for $110
Single Solo Ad to 15,000 members for $160
Single Solo Ad to 50,000 members for $500

Solo Ads admin: https://ibb.co/neiQDc

Login Page Banner Ads:

Your banner ad will be placed into rotation and will be displayed whenever someone logs into their account. This gives your offer maximum exposure to all those that logs in daily to post.

Login Banner Ad 1 Month Exposure 90$
Order here: http://bit.do/LoginPageBannerAds

login ads screenshot: https://ibb.co/mG4AeH

Tien NguyenSeller

Redirect.com is looking for pubs with all sorts of traffic, we currently monetize over 30 million daily clicks with our in house RTB. Great for media buyers with all sorts of offers. We has have a need for a few select international CPA offers for some overflow traffic. Sign up to Redirect.com

Dan LissSeller

We have quality live transfer traffic for Health Insurance Campaigns.

Looking for weekly payments.
We have 90 second buffer live transfers available.

Please reach out via email: danl@adnut.com or skype: danliss410

Elina KrauseBuyer

Hey Guys,
We have adult and mainstream Smartlinks for WW CPI,CPA traffic, 200+ Geo's & 2000+ live & working campaigns. If you are interested to monetize your remnant traffic. Please PM or Skype: elina.mtde

Randy DSeller

I can provide leads for DME (durable medical equipment) Campaign Back, Knees, Shoulder Braces.
The leads are $65 per lead and there is no minimum order. My call center agents are calling lists of unqualified pain leads and qualifying leads for shoulder, back and knee pain. The leads are exclusive long form with audio recordings and are generated every day.

Below are the details:

Order Size: 5-100 per day / currently selling

Age: Near real-time / max is 24 hours

Delivered: Excel, Google Doc, CMS

Sample Header & Script available!

Randy D

Roman KushnirBuyer

Looking for forex/BO traffic
geo: ww
Exclusive offers with high payouts


Lead Description:
contact leads (phone number + Name)
confirmation that user is interested in capital market and willing to talk with Forex Consultant

High Payout


im looking for forex and binary leads, not precalled leads.
Contact me if you got any.

Tina ToilessGainSeller

Greetings from Toiless Gain!

We work mainly with finance/binary/cryptocurrency traffic and databases.

We offer:
-CPM/CPA/CPL cooperation: we drive an outstanding traffic to gain leads or FTDs for your business;
- Selling a real fresh finance databases collected in our marketing campaigns, supporting all top-notch industry geos.

Contact me on Skype : Toiless Gain

Looking forward to hearing from you.