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Registering your sole proprietorship or incorporating your business in Canada can be challenging. Ownr is here to change all that.

In 2017, I initially registered my sole proprietorship business and later proceeded to incorporate it in 2019. Believe me when I say that the business registration involved a bunch of paperwork and the information available on the government’s website was not the easiest to follow.

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This is even more applicable when you are incorporating a business. I eventually had to use the services of a lawyer after giving up on navigating the process on my own.

Reserving a business name, registering the business, and completing the legal documentation required for a corporation can be simplified by utilizing a corporate lawyer, however, this cost may set you back by up to $1,500.

This Ownr review covers how to register or incorporate your business easily at an affordable fee, plus a 15% discount (and up to 100% off with an eligible account).

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