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Kate ProkopovichBuyerKate Prokopovich
VerticalsE-commerce, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
SourcesAffiliation, Incent, Search Engine, Other
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosCanada, France, Holy See, United Kingdom, United States
Toolbar/type-in/extensions/n2s traffic

Hello Everyone!

We’re a developing advertising ecosystem in search of quality type-in/toolbar/extension n2s traffic or other traffic appropriate for search feeds. TQ no less than 5. Preferred geos: US, EU, UK.
Revenue share model is preferable but any terms are negotiable.

P.S If you have other high intent traffic for sale with key_word targeting we would be glad to discuss it.

Skype live:.cid.31ea3e9b4be2085c
Telegram @Vlad_PIO