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How do I cancel and refund at Air Canada?

. The website's URL is The webpage will open after you click on the blue link."My bookings," "flights," "check-in," and "flight status" are all written on the top of the page when it first opens. If you're having trouble finding the website, call these Air Canada customer support numbers and they'll help you out.
for reservation and flight info.
United States: 1-888-247-2262
For bags and baggage.
United States: 1-888-689-2247
If you followed the steps above, you should now be able to see a page with two blank boxes. The "manage my trip" page will prompt you to enter the ticket number and the name of the ticket holder. As you type, you will notice that your ticket is visible, along with the option to Air Canada cancel and receive a refund.
You can contact us in the following ways if you have any further questions:
Number to Call: +1-(800) 371-5014

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