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Thumb 600f64c4539dd8f3SellerIgor Haisenberg
VerticalsAdult, Apps, Casino Gambling
SourcesPop Up/Under
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosRussian Federation, United Kingdom, United States
Sell Pop up traffic. !!!Private ad network!!!

Sell Pop up traffic
Business model: CPM
Traffic type: desktop, mobile (apk installs)
Categories: adult, videos, entertainment, games, lottery, casino, extencions chrome, toolbar chrome
Geo: worldwide
Browsers: all
Volume: from 300K per 1 day
Payment terms: 100% prepayment
Payment way: Webmoney, Paypal, Western union
Discount 10% if traffic more than 200k per 1 day

Skype: dm_igor
E-mail: gosha022@gmail.com

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