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SourcesAffiliation, Display, Email Marketing, IB, Lead Generation , Social Media
BasisCPA, CPL, Rev/Share
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar
looking for traffic

How are you?
My name is Adam Zidan , director of affiliate and media at FxGlobe and I am interested in having you promote our brand - FxGlobe .
Fxglobe is a regulated forex broker.

available in:
Arabic in the following places : GCC countries as well Arabic speakers living in Europe ,Australia , and Canada.
French : French : Belgium . Switzerland . Canada . Luxembourg . French
English in following places ;’ UK. Australia . Canada . Singapore. New zelanad .Europe
We are also very strong in Italy.

I am looking for partners who can provide quality forex traffic to our website . please see following link for more info : www.fxglobe.com

I'm Looking forward to your replay
Please contact me to discuss further.

Skype : adam.zidan21
Email : adam.z@fxglobe.com