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Thumb d4ddbd0c1f7b0f94BuyerT. Merino-Martín MA E-Marketing
VerticalsCoupons, Holiday-Travel, Lotto
SourcesDisplay, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under
GeosBelgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
CPL, lead submit=email address only, single opt-in. All geos

we search for CPL, lead submit, single opt-in , unlimited budget for right performances.
we provide with all the materials tracked, banners, kit emails and text links for pops etc...
high conversion in the offers as they offers a promotion almost for free, offers ideally to be shown in thank you pages as reward.
offer suitable for all verticals
Start making (cash) Now!!
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skype: tamsin.merino

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