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Thumb b89f2a57d4344064SellerJoseph Fuentes
VerticalsFinance, Health, Investors, Tech
SourcesDisplay, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosCanada, United States
CPM BUYS AVAILABLE-99% US and 1% CA - Newsmax.com/Newsmax Health/Moneynews.com

We are looking to sell numerous ad units. Our strongest suit is Email Marketing. We offer over 55 different email lists as well as numerous mobile and desktop display as well as local state advertising.

We are looking for sophisticated marketers with a strong back end sales funnel.

Here is the audience I can get you in front of:

Key Demographics:
90% 45 years and older
65% male
82% college attended, educated or higher
84% homeowners
20% senior management
26% own small business
75% investors who invest in stocks, bonds, elf's, mutual funds
21% invest in gold and precious metals
82% shop online for books, vitamins, software, travel
86% donated to charitable and political causes
30% spent more than $1000 online in past 12 months
41% net worth in excess of $500k
17% net worth $1 million plus
40% veterans

Email me for more product info: josephf@newsmax.com

Skype: joseph.v.Fuentes

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