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Daniel PenaSellerDaniel Pena
VerticalsFinance, Health, Insurance, TV
SourcesDisplay, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Other
BasisCPC, CPM, Flat fee
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited States
U.S. Only = Email (55+ lists) Web display, Native ads,

Email Campaigns 5.5 million subscribers
• Website Campaigns 11.5 -14 million unique (traffic)
• Magazines 169,000 print and 10,000 digital
• Newsmax TV 44 million homes
• Newsletters 5 Health and 6 Finance

Reaching out to over 60 million people a month Newsmax network could represent a game changer in your marketing efforts.

Please feel free to email me or add to Skype if you see the potential of this initiative and would like to discuss possible alternatives to move forward.

My best,
Daniel Pena

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