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Romashka SamraneBuyerRomashka Samrane
VerticalsBeauty, Fashion, Health, Tech
SourcesAffiliation, Blogs/Forums, Email Marketing, RTB, Search Engine, Social Media, Other
GeosAlgeria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Morocco, Switzerland, Tunisia
The highest CPM - A CPM can be up to $ 1-5

We can offer fairly attractive terms!
- The highest CPM - A CPM can be up to $ 1-5
- Prepayment already next week
- The announcement that perfectly fits your website

- Weekly payments via PayPal or Wire (a minimum of $ 20 required)
- Sponsorship Link 5% on income of people you sponsored
- Consideration for 100% of your traffic, even those from abroad
- Constant increase your eCPM - compatibility with other advertisers

For more information, you can contact me. I will gladly answer all your questions about our system.

Best Regards!

French Regional Manager