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Thumb f43232c9fd1fcdf9SellerBhagwati Pandey
VerticalsGames, Mobile content
SourcesPop Up/Under
BasisCPC, CPI, CPL, CPM, CPV, PPC, PPI, Rev/Share
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBrazil, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States
We Have Traffic for CPA /CPI / CPS or Revenue Share

Hello Everyone,

Here we are with quality traffic in our pop under network and that is the reason we are open to work on CPA/CPI/CPV/PPI/CPL or revenue share basis.

You send us your offer, we advertise and optimize it in our pop under traffic and you pay us on CPA/CPI or RS whatever works for you.

What we Need ?
We can wait for payment for a week. and net 30 for well established companies, though we would prefer client who would be interested in pre pay.

Anyone interested in this and looking traffic for their offers, I would request to reach me by email or skype.

Bhagwati Pandey
skype - gamsupport