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Nina ClickaduSellerNina Clickadu
VerticalsAdult, Apps, Auto, Dating
SourcesPop Up/Under
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBahrain, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Thailand, Vietnam

Clickadu Ad Network is offering carrier traffic - low CPM rates - high quality - direct publishers.
AIS-TH - 2.3 mln daily impressions
TRUEMOVE-TH - 1.3 mln daily impressions
AIRTEL-IN - 1 mln daily impressions
IDEA-IN - 1 mln daily impressions
DTAC-TH - 1 mln daily impressions
VODAFONE-IN - 800 k daily impressions
TELKOMSEL-ID - 500 k daily impressions
GRAMEENPHONE-BD - 400 k daily impressions
AIRCEL-IN - 400 k daily impressions
VERIZON-US - 300 k daily impressions
TATA_DOCOMO-IN, SOFTBANK-JP, BEELINE-RU, T-MOBILE-US, ATT-US - 200 k daily total per each carrier
If that sounds interesting, here is my skype: n.morris.clickadu
and email:
Wait to hear from you!