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Tien NguyenSellerTien Nguyen
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosUnited States
Traffic sale!!!

Redirect.com --- Europe Traffic Sale

Due to increased traffic volume, we have a lot of web and mobile traffic in Europe for under $1.00 per 1,000 visits

Great time to get in early while prices are low!

Detailed targeting – users can target by country, browsers, mobile carriers, time of day and set daily/monthly caps

Stats and average bids for June 2016
Remember - Please buy in our top tier standard feed. Minimum bid is $0.25 per 1,000 visits.

Country Visits Average Bid
Italy (IT) 18,546,723 $0.72
Germany (DE) 8,827,534 $1.47
France (FR) 13,694,218 $1.12
Russia (RU) 42,048,114 $0.29
Turkey (TR) 3,157,174 $0.95
Netherlands (NL) 3,722,411 $1.29
Spain (ES) 7,636,164 $0.74
Sweden (SE) 1,221,251 $1.43
Norway (NO) 1,527,175 $1.16
Poland (PL) 1,889,137 $0.65
Romania (RO) 2,524,653