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Join the competition for sponsorship of webmaster

All webmasters are welcome to take part in Adnow Webmaster Competition! It starts on the 11th of July and runs until August, 11th. Each referral link used within this period takes part in the competition.

P.S. Don’t forget that from now on you get 5% income from your referrals’ widget performance.

Get your referral link. Share it with your peers. They register at using your referral link, once the invited referral is active*, you receive 10 points, and each 100k widget impressions brought by this new webmaster adds 1 point to your total score.

10 Webmasters with the highest score by the 30th of June will be awarded.
1st place: MacBook Air
2nd place: iPhone6
3rd place: iPad mini
4-5th places: Apple Watch
6-10th places: iPod Shuffle

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