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Thumb eaefa0cf8d764537SellerHi ads marketing LTD
VerticalsForex/Binary, Make money
SourcesBlogs/Forums, Display, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Rating Sites, Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosBahrain, France, Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates
CPL Traffic FX & BO GCC , DE , ES, NL ,UK , LUX,Monaco & FR

Hi , we have a very qualified traffic for GCC , DE , ES, NL ,UK , LUX,Monaco & FR geos
Verticals : Forex,Binary Options ,Finance, & All types of Gambling.
Sources : Social media , Native Advertising, SMS Traffic , Email Marketing & Blogs/Forums
Strongest geos -> FR , ES & GCC (AR/EN)
Best verticals -> FX & BO
Higher quality sources ->Social media & Native Advertising
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