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All New Newsmax Feed Network Launched

We have completely re-designed the Newsmax Feed Network and would like to invite you to test it out.
The Newsmax Feed Network is a rapidly growing recommendation platform. It has proven to be less expensive and more efficient than the other networks you have already tried.
Currently the feed surfaces on over 2,500 premium websites such as Boston Herald, Telegraph, Raw Story and Breitbart which delivers over 1 billion impressions generated every month.
Our advertising partners include quality brands such as The Motley Fool, Zack’s Investment Research, Next Advisor and New Retirement.
We offer a RTB system that delivers sophisticated and highly targeted traffic to ensure industry leading conversion rates.
Features available to you include Publisher Blacklisting, Pacing Strategies, Proxy Bidding, Content Optimization, Conversion Pixels, Frequency Cap, IAB Category Targeting, Geo and Device Targeting plus much more.
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kevinb@newsmax.com - Email

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