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Zlatan KBuyerZlatan K
VerticalsApps, Casino Gambling, Coupons, Games
SourcesDisplay, Lead Generation , Pop Up/Under, Social Media
PlatformDesktop, Mobile
GeosArgentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, United States
TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFFIC - High Converting Offers

I am looking for quality publishers to be able to run traffic on my inventory of hot converting offers in various verticals.

We have a highly performance based model. We specialize in Apps (Utilities and Social Casino etc), Mobile Content (Incent and Non-Incent), Lead generations (Sweepstakes), Desktop Gaming.
We do not work on CPC or CPM. We have a global reach, we work on all tiers!

Looking for people who are looking to hustle, grow and be a part of something bigger!

Skype: ZlatanK