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Michel CanceBuyerMichel Cance
VerticalsBeauty, Health
SourcesDatabase, Email Marketing, Lead Generation , Social Media, Other
GeosCanada, United Kingdom, United States
Looking for B2B leads

Aquabiking is a quite new fitness activity spreading around the world. North America is one of the fastest growing market for this activity.

For one of my clients who is manufacturing Aquabikes, I am looking for B2B leads as follow:

- Fitness Centers
- Personal Fitness coaches
- Pool Dealers
- Sport Shops
- Pool Maintenance professionals
- Public Pools
- Hotels with pool
- Holiday resorts
- Cruise companies

Targeted countries: USA, Canada but also UK, Spain.

Contact Michel Cance:

- Skype: mcance.pro
- Mail: mcance.pro@hotmail.com